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World IPv6 Launch x IPv6 in Action - Survey Results

The Internet Society Hong Kong commissioned the City University of Hong Kong to conduct a survey to assess how much the public knows about IPv6. The survey was conducted in 2012 through an online survey system, developed and managed by CityU. The purpose of the research is to find out: - General IPv6 awareness: the understanding of IPv4 and IPv6, industries with the highest and the lowest awareness etc. - IPv6 application and impact: the awareness level on the urgency of IPv6 transition and its advantages etc. - IPv6 adoption attitude: consideration or plans on IPv6 transition.

Youth Group "IPv6 Keeps the Internet Growning" Seminar & Cyberport Tour (Apr 12, 12)

IPv6 in Action: IPv6 video on Roadshow (May 17 - 20, 12)

「IPv6 讓網絡持續」教師研討會 (Jun 2, 12)

World IPv6 Launch x IPv6 in Action x IPv6World:Asia (Jun 6, 12)

「 IPv6 讓網絡持續」中小企研討會 什麼是IPv6? 如何迎接IPv6下的物聯網新世界? (May 23, 12)

World IPv6 Launch x IPv6 in Action x IPv6World:Asia (Jun 21, 12)

IPv6 in Action 廣播劇 (Chinese Only),第一集 - 茶餐廳篇

IPv6 in Action 廣播劇 (Chinese Only),第二集 -電腦商場篇

IPv6 in Action 廣播劇 (Chinese Only),第三集 -學校篇

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